Unpublished texts

Here, I post writings that were not finished nor published. Often they were produced to intervene in specific institutional debates, but when the setting passed the texts lost their context of utterance.

Yet, on re-reading there are often some nuggets of thought and wording that are still valuable, nuggets formed by the political pressure of the moment. Many of my most cogent formulations remain hidden in these unfinished, unpublished texts.

They deserve to be brought into the light and offered further life. Perhaps, they will spark a timely thought in someone else in some other context.

Response to LLN in VET

This is a hastily-drafted, unsent response to a Federal Government document: Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations’.

I post it here because it still says many things that need to be said about the disastrous (yet foreseeable) repercussions of most mainstreaming government interventions in Indigenous social realities.

Unsent letter of thanks to ‘Fine Print’

This is a response to being nominated the most influential Adult Basic education theorist in Australia after Paulo Freire in 2000. As a statement of positioning it stills seems relevant even today.

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