Ancient Rhetoric and Indigenous Education

From the mid-90s to early 2000s, I was a lecturer at Batchelor Institute. As part of a team of Indigenous educators charged with developing a more ‘both-ways’ form of education, I studied and adapted elements from ancient European rhetoric as these were easier for Indigenous students with undeveloped literacy skills to engage with.

Back to the 3 Rs: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric

This (unpublished) paper recounts how the Aboriginal and Torres Strait students I was teaching got me interested in ancient rhetoric. It recounts my early understandings and uses of ancient rhetoric to help the language, literacy and political development of Indigenous students.

Epideictic Rhetoric

This piece describes the kind of rhetoric we used to develop the language and literacy of Indigenous adults at Batchelor Institute in the two first-year transition units we designed and delivered for all students commencing undergraduate studies.

Common Units-politics and rhetoric 2003

This is a speech explaining to staff and students at Batchelor Institute the underpinning rationale for the use of ancient rhetoric as a framework for creating a both-ways curriculum.

A rhetorical approach to language and literacy education

This Fine Print article generalises on the Common Units curriculum at Batchelor Institute to set out a different vision and pedagogy for adult literacy.

Rhetorical literacy – ‘Fine Print’ interview

This is an interview in which I respond to questions from the Editor of ‘Fine Print’.

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