Adult Literacy/ ABE/ LLN

These articles comprise some of my efforts to argue for a general education for adults.

During the early 1990s, I was deeply involved in trying to design a learning path for second chance adults that would have comparable outcomes the outcomes of schooling for youth. These articles comprise some of my efforts to argue for a general education for adults.

Technology & the heart

This was my first foray into print. Like all first-born it is special. It took a heart attack to make me realise that if I did indeed wish to write I could not procrastinate forever. Or it would be literally forever.

Framing the Field

This is perhaps my most important contribution to the Adult Literacy/ALBE field, but it was never published, and has been unobtainable for over a decade. It was written as a contribution to a collection focused on renewing the school English curriculum, a collection that was never published. However, because government was beginning to show interest in Adult Literacy, I tried to lay out a broad curriculum framework, a framework that became the ‘four literacies’ framing the CGEA.

ABE: challenges for the 90s

This is some unpublished notes that raise issues about Adult Basic Education worrying me as we entered the 90s. I am publishing them here because they raise issues that we have still not really dealt with properly. Issues like:

    • the consequences of classifying and grouping adults according to their literacy capacities;
    • the need for a taxonomy for different kinds of post-compulsory students – thereby pointing to other possible ways of grouping adult literacy students.

Texting Times: textualisation as knowledge/power

This was one of my efforts at resisting the way ALBE was being manoeuvred into becoming a key institution in the government apparatus for governing the unemployed.

Different Angles

This chapter uses the four literacies and shows how they could be used to think about education across many dimensions, including different kinds of institutions, courses, forms of education, pedagogies, genres of writing, forms of knowing, educational goals, and so on. Thus as categories they were not just about literacy.

Adult Literacy- New paradigm

This paper was an effort to help Adult Literacy come into the inheritance of its past, the past of rhetoric and practical philosophy dating from ancient Greece.

Literacy for adulthood

Unpublished paragraphs clarifying for myself my angle on adult literacy.

Groping towards our field

This is a short piece for ‘Fine Print’ worrying away at the status and standing of the Adult Literacy field – about what it should be called, about what it teaches and hopes its students learn, about its relations with other educational fields, about its values, politics and future. 

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