My Writings

I am in process of collecting here most of what I have written over the last 30 years.

Much of it is no longer easily accessible. Writing in and for the field of Adult Literacy and Adult Basic Education meant writing for little-known professional journals and occasional government publications, not academic journals.

Out-of-print, but not, I believe, irrelevant.

The field of adult literacy and adult education has been ‘run over’ by the governmental assessment and compliance bus, but this has not produced any new interesting educational ideas. So, even writings going back to the early 90s, the so-called ‘golden era’ of adult literacy, retain a freshness and energy built on the creativity and enthusiasm of practitioners at that time.

I have placed them into different categories, even though there is lots of overlap.

Enjoy! And I welcome feedback, comments, suggestions or corrections.

Click on the Drop-down Menus above to find these pages:

  • Language in Education
  • Adult Literacy/Adult Basic Education/LLN
  • Language in Education
  • Indigenous Education
  • Educational Theory
  • Transition Pedagogy/ Tertiary Preparation
  • Student Rovers (including Students Supporting Student Learning)
  • Miscellaneous

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