CV – Rob McCormack

CV for Dr. Rob McCormack

Dr Rob McCormack

Home Address: 9 Toorak Avenue, Warragul
Victoria, Australia 3820

Phone: Mobile: +61 (0)401 673 379




2000 Doctor of Philosophy
James Cook University, Townsville, Australia
Title of Dissertation: Adult Basic Education as Practical Philosophy

1973 Diploma of Education
Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1968 Master of Arts Preliminary
Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1967 Batchelor of Arts
University of Canterbury,  Christchurch, NZ

Selected professional development 

Introduction to Yolngu Languages and Culture, FATSIS, Charles Darwin University, NT

Master Class in Systemic Functional Linguistics (with M. A. K Halliday), Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Systemic Functional Linguistics Summer School for Teachers – Levels 1, 2, & 3
Various locations: Deakin, Queensland University, Sydney University

Course in Recognition of Prior Learning Consultant Training, Batchelor Institute, NT

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessor Training, Batchelor Institute, NT

Online ACE (Adult Community Education) ACENET, Victoria

Mastering Interpersonal Communications in the Workplace, Batchelor Institute

Cultural Safety, Batchelor Institute

Self-Assessment Training, Batchelor Institute

Selection Processes Training, Batchelor Institute

Training in HTML & Lotus Notes, Batchelor Institute

Intellectual Property, Batchelor Institute


2004-2014 Victoria University, Melbourne, Academic Lecturer (Learning Commons), Learning Support Services

1996-2003 Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Education (BIITE), Batchelor, NT

Senior Lecturer, Education Studies, School of Education and Humanities

1983- 1997 Western Melbourne Institute of TAFE (now Victoria University – TAFE Division)

Advanced Skills Teacher, Department of Adult Basic Education

1978-1983 Melbourne College of Advanced Education (now The University of Melbourne)

Lecturer, Educational Philosophy, Department of Philosophy

Academic Publications

Creative Production

2011-2012 Play: Reading Mandela: Genre Pedagogy versus Ancient Rhetoric, performed at:

— Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, Sept, University of New England, Armidale, Aust

— Free Linguistics Conference, Oct 2012, Sydney

— Key Thinkers, Key Theorists, AALL Conference, Nov 2012, Lilydale.


2002 Learning to Learn: The Next Step: Teaching adults how to read and write academic discourse, Language Australia, Melbourne

2001 Back to the Three R’s: Reading, Writing & Rhetoric (online publication, C2C)

1995 Public Literacy: A Curriculum for Adult Basic Education, (with P. Moraitis) ACFEB, Victoria.

1992 The World of Work: A Reader for Adult Basic Education, DEET, Canberra.

1991 Learning to Learn: Helping Adults understand the Culture, Context, and Conventions of Knowledge – A Manual for Teacher, (with G. Pancini) Language Australia, Melbourne

Book Chapters

2018 Gilbey, K., & McCormack, R. The two years that killed a First Nations University. In The Relationality of Race in Education Research (pp. 132–144). Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

2016 McCormack, R. The Four Literacies: an exercise in public memory, In K. Yasukawa & S. Black (Eds.) Beyond Economic Interests: Critical perspectives in adult literacy and numeracy in a globalised world, 

2013 Gilbey, K., & McCormack, R. ‘Telling Histories: Performing History, Becoming History’. In T. Moktari, S. Henriss-Anderssen, & T. Clark (Eds.), Testimony, Witness, Authority: The politics and poetics of experience. UK: Cambridge Scholars, pp. 130-143.

2012 Kirkwood, K, Best, G, McCormack, R & Tout, D. ‘Student Mentors in Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces’. In  Eds. M Keppell, K Souter & M Riddle, Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces in Higher Education: Concepts for the Modern Learning Environment, IGI Global, Hershey, PA. , pp. 278-294.

2009 McCormack, R. ‘Philosophical Writing: Prefacing as professing’. In M Peters (ed.), Academic Writing, Philosophy and Genre, Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 14-37.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

2014 McCormack, R. ‘Reading Mandela: Genre Pedagogy versus Ancient Rhetoric’, Linguistics and the Human Sciences9(2), 177–200.

2014 McCormack, R. ‘Gadamer and ALL: A hermeneutic understanding of Academic Language and Learning’ Journal of Academic Language & Learning8(3), 49–61.

2013 Tout, D., Pancini, G., & McCormack, R. ‘Using Mobile Peer Mentors for Student Engagement: Student Rovers in the Learning Commons’, HERD Journal33(3), 595–609.

2010  ‘Learningful Work: Learning to work and learning to learn’, McCormack, R, Pancini, G. & Tout, D. International Journal of Training and Research, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp.40-52. 

2008 ‘Philosophical Writing: Prefacing as professing’, Educational Philosophy and Theory40(7), 832-855.

2007 ‘Rovers at the border: the double framing of student rovers in Learning Commons’, (with Dixon J). In Enhancing Higher Education, Theory and Scholarship, Proceedings of the 30th HERDSA Annual Conference Adelaide, 8-11 July. Retrieved July 30th 2008 from

2001 ‘Mapping Meaning: profiling with integrity in a post-modern world’, (with J R Martin) Applied Language Studies, Vol 1, Issue 1.

—     ‘Back to the Three R’s: Reading, Writing & Rhetoric’, International Journal of Learning, Vol 8, 1-30.

Invited Keynote Speaker 

2009 ‘Beyond Schooling: Towards a more adult curriculum’, ACAL Strength to Strength Conference, Perth, Sept

2008 Learning in the Learning Commons (Pedagogy-Space-Technology): The Victoria University Learning Commons at City Flinders and St Albans Campuses, (with A. Gallagher & A. Pearce), Next Generation Learning Spaces, UQ.

2008 ‘Adults Only: Designing Learning for Second Chance Adults’, West Australia Adult Literacy Conference, Perth, WA

2005 ‘Academic Views of Critical Reading’Embracing Diversity Conference, NMIT, Faculty of Further Education, VIC

2003 ‘Towards a more rhetorical concept of language and language education’, Inaugural speaker, School of Education and Humanities Language Forum, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, NT

2002 ‘Towards a more Rhetorical Concept of Language and Literacy Education’, Making a Difference: Further Education Conference, NMIT, Melbourne, VIC

Conference Papers

2013 Practitioner Memory or Governmental Presentism: Competing accounts of the field of Adult Literacy, ACAL Conference, Oct, Sydney, NSW.

2012 ‘So, who is Gadamer anyway? And why does he matter?’, Key Thinkers, Key Theories: The contribution of theory to academic language and learning practice, AALL Conference, Swinburne, Melbourne.

2012 ‘Hermeneutics and SFG: Gadamer meets Halliday’, 2012 Free Linguistics Conference, Sydney.

2012 ‘The Power of Performance: Indigenous pedagogy at Batchelor Institute’, Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) & Discourse, Power, Resistance (DPR Down Under) Conference, Darwin.

2011 ‘Telling Histories: Performing History, Becoming History’, The Oral, the Written and Other Verbal Media: Conference on Poetics and Discourse, Dec, Victoria University, Melbourne.

2011 ‘Lest we forget: Eulogy to a silenced rhetorical curriculum’, Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, Sept, University of New England, Armidale, Aust.

2011 ‘A Hermeneutic Theory and Practice of Reading’, Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, Sept, University of New England, Armidale, Aust.

2011 ‘Learning to write better sentences – for yourself & for your students: A practical workshop’, ACAL Conference, Sept, Melbourne.

2010 ‘Student Rovers in the Learning Commons: Facilitating places for learner engagement’, Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) National Conference, Perth, Sept.

2010 ‘Student Rovers – changing the landscape of learning’, Learning Commons Development and Design Forum: the New Pedagogy, March, Melbourne.

2009 ‘Learningful Work: How can the workplace foster affordances for learning?’ Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association National Conference website, paper number 25.,  Pancini, G. & McCormack, R.  

2008 ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Rhetoric: a quick theoretical overview of ancient rhetoric’, WAALC, Perth, WA

—     ‘Creating community through public speaking: a hands-on workshop’, WAALC, Perth, WA

2007 ‘Rovers at the border: the double framing of student rovers in Learning Commons’, HERDSA, Adelaide, SA (refereed)

—     ‘Fairy Tales and ELGGS: social networking with student rovers in learning commons’, (with Tairi, K, Leihy, P & Ring, P) Victorian Academic Libraries Association (VALA), Melbourne, VIC

2006 ‘Breaching the lexical bar: The role of vocabulary in academic development’, Rite Research Forum, Victoria University, VIC

—      ‘Epideictic Rhetoric: Renewing vision, vibe and values’, Australian Association of Teachers of English (AATE) National Conference, Darwin, NT (refereed)

2005 ‘Epideictic Discourse: Rhetoric of Memory, Praise and Hope’, International Systemic Functional Congress, University of Sydney, NSW

—      ‘Rhetoric 101: The theory’, VALBEC Conference, Melbourne, VIC

2003 ‘Learning the lingo: Designing curriculum resources for second chance Indigenous students’, Australian Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL) National Indigenous Forum, NT

—      ‘Reading Nelson Mandela: Genre Theory versus Rhetoric’, ACAL National Conference, Alice Spring, NT

—      ‘Adult Literacy: Towards a new paradigm’, ACAL National Conference, Alice Springs, NT

—‘Towards a more rhetorical concept of language and language education’, Inaugural speaker, School of Education and Humanities Language Forum, Batchelor Institute, NT

2001 ‘Back to the 3 R’s: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric’, International Learning Conference, Spetses, Greece

—      ‘The Turn to Rhetoric’, Northern Territory Council of Adult Literacy (NTCAL)

2000 ‘The Turn to Rhetoric’, Central Australian Campus, Batchelor Institute, NT

1993 ‘Learning to Learn’, South Australia Adult Literacy Unit, SA

1992 ‘Social Literacy: A Curriculum for Public Discourse’, Critical Literacy Conference, Griffith, Brisbane, QLD

—      ‘Framing Adult Basic Education’, Queensland State Literacy Conference, Brisbane, QLD

1991 ‘Adult Basic Education: Framing the Future, Future Tense or Tense Future?’ Common Interest Group of Further Education Teachers in TAFE,  Melbourne, VIC

—      ‘Adult Basic Education: contexting contexts’, LERN Conference, Sydney, NSW

—       ‘Thoughts on Assessment’, ACAL Assessment Forum, Melbourne, VIC

1988 ‘Teaching Writing’, Chisholm College, Braybrook, VIC

—     ‘Genre Theory and Approaches to Teaching’, Victorian Association for Migrant Education Panel, VIC

—     ‘Adults Returning to Study’, Education & Systemics Group, Sydney University, NSW

Professional Journals

2011 LLN, Glossing and Counter-glossing, Fine Print, vol. 34 no. 3, 11-19.

2011 Ghostly voices from the Past, Fine Print, vol. 34 no. 2, 29-34.

2009 Groping towards our Field,  Fine Print, vol. 32 no. 3, 9-11.

2005 Epideictic discourse: the rhetoric of memory, praise and hope, Fine Print, vol. 28 no. 4, 13-16.

2003 Common Units: politics and rhetoric, Ngoonjook 24, 25-33.

—     Adult Literacy: Towards a new paradigm, Fine Print, vol 26, no. 4, 3-10.

2002 Revisiting the past: a rhetorical approach to language and literacy education, Fine Print vol. 21, no. 1. 16-18.

—     Embracing the differences: a lateral approach to literacy, Fine Print vol. 21, no. 2, 24-26.

—    Editorial, Ngoonjook 22, Batchelor Institute, Batchelor NT.

—    Both Ways: a bibliography, Ngoonjook 22, Batchelor Institute, Batchelor NT.

1998 What is Academic Discourse, Ngoonjook 13, 55-67.

1996 Testing times: Textualisation as Knowledge/Power, Fine Print, vol 18, no 2, 5-10.

1994 Talking Turkey or Sitting Ducks: A History of the CGEA, Fine Print, vol 16, no 1, 10-15

—      Research—Examining the Issues: Interview with Rob McCormack, Fine Print, vol 16, no 3, 20-22.

1990 ‘Adult Basic Education: New Directions for Curriculum’, Australian Journal of  Reading, Australian Reading Association, Vol. 13 (1), March 1990, (with G. Pancini & P. Moraitis), 69-75.

BiiteN: A Quarterly Magazine for Reflective Scholarship of Teaching & Learning 

2002 Rural or Remote: Batchelor at the Crossroads, BiiteN 8, Batchelor Institute (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Academic Development and Academic Reading, BiiteN 9, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Approaches to academic literacy, BiiteN 9, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Academic reading, BiiteN 9, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Helping students read academic text, BiiteN 9, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Ethical reading: an overlooked aspect of education, BiiteN 9, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Academic literacy: a select annotated bibliography, BiiteN 9, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Editorial: learning journeys, BiiteN 10, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

2001 A Rhetorical Approach to Language and Literacy, BiiteN 5, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

—     Reflections on Literacy, BiiteN 5, (BIITE), Batchelor NT.

Professional Development Resources

1995 Different Angles: thinking through the four literacies, Writing Our Practice, ACFEB.

1994 Language and Literacy: reflections on genre pedagogy, Voices of Experience: A  Professional Development Package for Adult and Workplace Literacy Teachers, DEET.

1993 ABE — Everywhere and Nowhere? Adult Basic Education Resource and Information Service (ARIS) Bulletin, 4:1.

1990 Adult Basic Education: New Directions for Curriculum, Australian Journal of Reading, Australian Reading Association, Vol. 13 (1), March 1990, (with G. Pancini & P. Moraitis).

—     Helping Students to Write Better, Literacy into the 90s, Department of Further Education, Victoria.

—     Teaching Adults Returning to Study, Working Together: New Directions in  Adult Basic Education, Selected papers resulting from a series of conferences and seminars organized by the Division of Further Education, (eds.). D. Tout & J. Kindler, Division of Further Education, Ministry of Education, Victoria.

National Curriculum Projects

1993 National Framework of Adult English Language, Literacy and Numeracy Competence, ACTRAC, (with Dr B. Cope, Dr M. Kalantzis, Dr A. Luke, B. Morgan, D. Slade, N. Solomon & N. Veal.

1991 Framing the Field: Adult Literacies and the Future Teaching English Literacy: Project of National Significance on Preservice Preparation of Teachers for Teaching English Literacy, Vol. 2.


2009 Consultant, Effective Academic Literacies, Batchelor Institute, NT

1995 Consultant, Scientific Literacy: A Curriculum for Communication Skills, Box Hill College of TAFE

1994 Consultant, Plain English Pamphlet, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

1994 Consultant, National Framework of Adult English Language, Literacy and Numeracy Competence, ACTRAC

1994 Plain English Consultant & Lead Writer, Health and Safety Procedures Manual, Shell Oil, Geelong

1994 Consultant, Adult Basic Education Accreditation Framework Project, Victoria

1993 Consultant, Oral Communication Project, OACFEB

Curriculum Development Committees

2009 NMIT

1994 Member, Steering Committee, Oral Communication Project, Northern Metropolitan College of TAFE

1993-4 Member, Accreditation Framework Implementation Monitoring Group, Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council

1993 Member, Course Advisory Committee, Applied Study: Language and Literacy Level 2 (ALBE), Graduate Program in Education and Training, Victoria University of Technology

1992-3 Member, Advisory Committee, Professional Development Package for Adult and Workplace Literacy Teachers, Deakin University, a DEET funded National Project

1992-3 Member, Steering Committee, Adult Literacy and Basic Education Special  Project: Curriculum Documents – Numeracy/Basic Maths, Northern Metropolitan College of TAFE

Conference Organising Committees

2001 Member, Organizing Committee, 2001 Adult Learners Australia Conference, Jabiru, NT

2000 Member, Planning Committee, Researching Our Practice Conference, Batchelor Institute, NT

1994 Chair, Conference Committee, Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council, State Conference, VIC

1991 Member, Conference Committee, Australian Council for Adult Literacy, National Conference (ACAL), Melbourne, VIC

Professional Commitments

2002-3 Member, Quality Assurance Audit Committee, Batchelor Institute, NT

2001 Member, Steering Committee, Mapping Language & Literacy Competencies for Aboriginal Health Worker Training, Northern Territory Education Authority (NTETA), NT

1998-2000 Member, Management Advisory Committee, Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia, University of Tasmania, TAS

1997-03 Member, Northern Territory Council of Adult Literacy (NTCAL), NT

1994 Member, Academic Reference Group, Adult English, Language, Literacy and Numeracy National Reporting System, DEET/ACTRAC

1994 Member, Executive Committee, Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council, Melbourne

1993-4 Member, Steering Committee, Adult Literacy Research Network Node, Victoria University of Technology (VUT), a consortium of VUT, Western Metropolitan College of TAFE & Broadmeadows College of TAFE

1991 Member, Legislation Drafting Reference Group,  Adult, Community and Further Education Bill, Victoria

1990 Member, Adult Basic Education Curriculum and Research Reference Committee, Division of Further Education, Melbourne

1989-92 Member, Common Interest Group of TAFE Teachers in Further Education, Victoria

Institutional committees

2008 Member, Board of Studies, VU College, VU

2001 Member, Batchelor Institute Research and Ethics Committee

Member, Batchelor Institute Library Committee

Contribution to Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

2000–3 Editor, Ngoonjook: Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues, – 6 issues in total

2000–3 Editor, BiiteN: Reflection by Educators, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Quarterly Magazine – 12 issues in total

1997–9 Editorial Committee Member, Ngoonjook


2012 Vice-Chancellor award, Career Achievement Award.

2011 Vice-Chancellor citation, Excellence in Teaching and Learning & Programs that Enhance Learning.

2008 Award winner, Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (as Rover Supervisor with Student Rover Team)

2000 Nominated by JCU for national AARE Prize for best PhD Thesis in Education

1999 Voted as second most influential theorist/thinker in Australian Adult English Language & Literacy Field in the 20th century—after internationally renowned Brazilian adult educator, Paulo Freire—in a reader poll conducted by Adult Basic Education journal, Fine Print, to identify ‘the ALBE Educator of the Century’—  (see Fine Print, vol 22, no 4, p.13-4.)

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